About Us

sea3At the-white-page.com, our business goal is to help give funding to the many freighting companies that have chosen to work with us. We make it easier for freight companies, who are our clients, to be able to get paid. Through our swift and efficient payment system, we reduce the time you have to wait to receive your payment. If you use our services, we can promise you that instead of waiting for up to a month to receive payment for a freighting job, you only need to wait a few hours to receive payment for your job. We will send the payment directly to your bank account, for your convenience.

We hope to help maximize the profits and growth potentials of our clients, so to that end, we have set up a business model that aims to provide timely support to our customers.

Our business has been running successfully with main satisfied and returning clients. We continue to push the envelope for what a freighting factoring company can provide. We continuously and tirelessly seek to help our clients expand their freighting business because we know the difficulties of owning and managing a freighting business.